Advantages of EliGene® detection kits

  • The usage of the Internal Control allows to monitor the extraction procedure and to check possible PCR inhibition
  • Kits are supplied with positive control allowing quality control of the analysis
    Simultaneous  amplification (multiplex) of DNA/RNA from pathogen and internal control in one PCR tube
  • The usage of Hot-Start technology minimize the risk of non-specific reaction and provide ultimate sensitivity 1-10 copies of nucleic acid/reaction
  • The usage of Ready to use Mastermixes containing all reaction components for easier reaction setup and handling
  • The usage of uracil in the Mastermixes of UNI kits enables UNG treatment to prevent the re-amplification of carryover-PCR products by removing any uracil incorporated into single- or double-stranded DNA
  • To ensure the highest quality of our kits, the row material from the leading providers is used
    Quantitative Standards in the most of the kits enables to calculate precisely the NA load from 102 to 106 copies/reaction
  • High stability of used reagents
  • The usage of EliGene® UNI kits enables complete detection in 50 minutes
  • Kits are CE certified IVD
  • Kits are validated on LightCycler® 1.2, 2.0, Nano and 480, ABI® 7300, 7500 and 7500FAST, RotorGene-Q (RotorGene 6000)
  • Compatibility of the kits with broad range of instruments - RotorGene®, SmartCycler®, Mx3000P® and 3005P® QPCR systems or iQ5®, CFX96® and other cyclers (see details in Table 1)

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