EliZyme Polymerases

We designed a line EliZyme™ of next-generation enzymes to meet all your needs in PCR applications. The offer covers polymerases for amplification of difficult regions of DNA (Robust), polymerases for ultra fast thermocyclers (FAST), polymerases for amplification of long regions of DNA (Robust), hot-start polymerases (HS), polymerases with loading dye (Red), polymerases with proof-reading activity (HIFI,ProofRead), mixes for real-time amplification with intercalating dye (Green), mixes for probe-based amplification (Probe), kits for one-step reverse transcription (OneS). In our portfolio you can also find kits for isothermal amplification (LAMP).

Main features:

  • Ultra fast amplification – 1 kb per 1 s
  • Lower primer-dimer formation
  • Activation at 95 °C
  • Resistance to PCR inhibitors and difficult templates (dung, soil)
  • Long-range PCR up to 35 kb
  • Proofreading activity
  • Reverse transcription and amplification in one tube (kits contains an RTase and RNase inhibitor)
  • Increased stability at room temperature
  • qPCR mixes with probe or fluorescent dye (doesn't inhibit the reaction)
  • Blue mixes – contains a non-reactive blue dye for easy visualization of the sample during pipetting
  • Super PCR mixes – for highly sensitive and accurate diagnostics
  • Kits for isothermal amplification

EliZyme™ Selection guide

Terms of shipping

EliZyme polymerases and kits must be shipped frozen, packed on blue ice. For this type of shipment, the DPD carrier is used within European countries. The shipping time is 2-3 days. Kits containing reverse transcriptase (items marked with *) must be shipped on dry ice. These kits are sent express by DHL and are subject to an additional charge. EliZyme kits are packaged in polystyrene boxes to protect them from thawing during shipment.

The final shipping charge will be determined during order confirmation (it depends on the country of delivery and the size of the shipment).

The standard shelf life of EliZyme kits is 18 months.

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