ALPHA Plastic

Pipette Tips

We are offering a wide range of reliable αPlastic Pipette Tips for confident use in your laboratory experiments.

Our Low Retention tips and are produced with technology that creates an ultrahydrophobic non-wettable surface that limits the adhesion of cells, DNA/RNA, proteins, and other viscous materials. The production process does not use surface coatings that can lead to sample contamination or PCR inhibition. Low retention properties ensure full volume retrieval of your sample. The pipetting accuracy and handling precision is up to 10 times better with viscous samples than other standard polypropylene tips. As a result of this our tips offer excellent sample recovery while increasing the accuracy and reproducibility of microvolume pipetting in your experiments.

αPlastic Pipette Tips have a clear graduation marking on the outside of the tip to help visually confirm pipette settings. These sterile tips are also produced with superior filter barrier that protects your pipette and samples from aerosol cross-contamination during PCR. Universally-fitting tips are designed to fit practically all single and multichannel pipettes. This compatibility ensures that you can use them with most leading pipette brands (see the Compatibility Table).

Finally all of pipette tips listed in this catalog are RNase-, DNase- and Endotoxin free and produced with high quality, non-cytotoxic medical grade, 100% radiation stabilized virgin polypropylene. These resins are pre-tested from molded samples to determine whether any leachable compounds that could interfere with your experiments are present.

Our highest priority is to offer you reliable tips with excellent quality and for competitive prices. This makes our αPlastic Pipette Tips your No.1 choice for your experiments.

NT tips compatibility.