Liquid Handling System MICROLIT

Single Channel Micropipettes MICROLIT

  • Miniature Fixed Volume Micro Pipettes

    Miniature Fixed Volume Micro Pipettes

    These low cost miniature fixed volume pipettes are specially designed for use with diagnostic kits. High volume Li'lpets of 200 µl, 250 µl, 500 µl, and 1000 µl are specially designed for routine laboratory work.

  • RBO jednokanálové fixní mikropipety

    RBO Fixed Volume Micropipettes

    Fully Autoclavable fixed volume pipettes are designed for many different types of routine laboratory work. Using the same state-of-art design and basic features of Variable Volume Pipettes, these fixed volume pipettes are ideal for Clinical Diagnostics, Control Analysis etc.

  • RBO jednokanálové variabilní mikropipety

    RBO Variable Volume micropipettes

    In order to keep pace with the rapid progress made in research sector in recent years, MICROLIT has made one logical step further and proudly presents the new, high precision micropipettes series for today's sophisticated users in the field of Molecular biology, Microbiology, Immunology, Cell culture, Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Genetics etc.

  • Microlit Electronic Pipette

    Microlit Electronic Pipette

    Microlit Electronic Pipette is based on stepper motor with microprocessor controlled piston movement. These are user friendly and offer effortless pipetting. Accuracy & precision levels are very high and user independent. This is a complete solution for every pipetting need.