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EliGene® COVID19 Delta RT

EliGene® COVID19 Delta RT Kit (REF: 90086-RT) is intended for qualitative RNA detection of SARS-CoV-2 virus, in parallel with the genotyping of the mutations L452R and P681R present in spike protein both characteristic for the variant Delta (B.1.617.2 or G/478K.V1) also called Indian variant.

Benfits and features:

  • Quick and affordable one-pot option for primary detection of SARS-CoV-2 virus with simultaneous genotyping of the L452R and P681R mutations, characteristic for the Delta variant
  • Increased sensitivity enables to detect from the number of 5 genomic RNA copies
  • Primers and probes adopted from the literature and/or approved by the authorities like WHO, CDC, or ECDC
  • Suitable for RNA isolated from all types of clinical samples
  • Special technology developed in EU by Elisabeth Pharmacon company
  • Increased specifity due to multiple independent targets
  • Compatible with all Elisabeth Pharmacon viral isolation kits
  • Research use only

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EliGene COVID19 Delta RT Leaflet

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Instruction for use EliGene COVID19 Delta RT

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MSDS CoV Delta Mix EN

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MSDS Enzyme Mix EN

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