Multi Channel Micropipettes MICROLIT

RBO 8 - Channel Micropipette
  • RBO 8 - Channel Micropipette

RBO 12 - Channel Micropipette

The RBO 8-channel micropipette is recommended for ELISA, Molecular screening, Kinetic studies, DNA amplifications etc. It is fully autoclavable.


  • High quality spring mechanism ensures softer plunger movement.
  • Nine volume ranges cover the complete pipetting range from 0.2 µl to 10 ml offering a wide choice to select the most suitable model for any application.

Easy Volume Adjustment

Easy volume adjustment by simply turning the plunger. Plunger does not snag gloves.

Volume Setting

Soft click sound at every increment ensures perfect volume setting and no accidental volume change. It also facilitates single handed operation.

Soft Grip & Ergonomic Design

New body design with soft grip and improved ergonomy for more comfort and less fatigue during operation.

Digital Display

4 digit display with sub divisions provides small volume increments.

Large Grippy

Specially designed large grippy is provided for comfortable grip and ease during working.

Tip Ejector

Built-in streamlined tip ejector facilitates easy tip ejection and access to narrow necked bottles and tubes.

User Adjustment

Re-calibration can be performed easily by the user

Pipette Holder

The holder provided with the pipette allows easy, efficient and safe storage.

Tip Ejection Knob

Placement and good design allows easy single handed tip ejection.

Colour Coding

Attractive colour coding for easy identification between different volume ranges.

Easy Tip Ejection

Specially designed sequential tip ejector allows effortless tip ejection.

Operation Flexibility

Lower housing can be rotated 360° providing flexibility during operation.

Universal Tipcone

Compatible with most of the internationally accepted standard tips.

Ref. No. Size Price ex. VAT VAT  
RBO-MCA-12/10 0,5 - 10 µL € 283.50 21 % Buy
RBO-MCA-12/20 2 - 20 µL € 283.50 21 % Buy
RBO-MCA-12/50 5 - 50 µl € 283.50 21 % Buy
RBO-MCA-12/100 10 - 100 µL € 283.50 21 % Buy
RBO-MCA-12/200 20 - 200 µL € 283.50 21 % Buy
RBO-MCA-12/300 40 - 300 µL € 283.50 21 % Buy

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