Training for Distributors - How to become an authorized distributor

In three days we would like to provide you further training course devoted to our kits for Next-Generation Sequencing (two days) and RealTime PCR kits (one day). Depending on your interest, it´s possible to attend just one part of our courses (NGS or RT PCR) or both, of course.

After passing the training you will obtain certificate for authorized distributor.

Dates of the training:

1. date:

18. April - 19. April 2016 (2 days NGS kits)
20. April 2016 (1 day Real-Time PCR kits)

2. date:

9. May - 10. May 2016 (2 days NGS kits)
11. May 2016 (1 day Real-Time PCR kits)

Program of NGS training course

Monday: Theoretical part

  1. Introduction to biological background of somatic mutation.
  2. Brief description of clinical importance to detect mutation in exons of genes analysed by EliGene NGS kits.
  3. Advantages and limitations of low-panels sequencing by EliGene NGS kits.
  4. Methodology background of library preparation (starting DNA quality, multiplex PCR of all target regions, addition of MIDs, quantification of library) and sequencing on MiSeq NGS platform.
  5. Possible approaches how to analyse data.
  6. Troubleshooting.

Monday & Tuesday - Practical part

  1. Preparation of library by EliGene® Colorectum NGS kit and Adaptor IL-NGS kit from DNA isolated from FFPE samples:
  • Multiplex PCR of target regions;
  • Addition of adapters containing MIDs;
  • Mixing and quantification of Library.
  1. Sequencing of prepared library on MiSeq instrument:
  • Pipetting of library and primers to cartridge of V2 sequencing chemistry;
  • Evaluation of the run and final evaluation of data in Variant Studio from Illumina.

Program of Real-time PCR course

Tuesday afternoon - Theoretical part

  1. Theoretical background of EliGene kits (type of probes, preparation of master mixes, setting of cycler).
  2. Recommended isolation procedures.
  3. Compatibility of EliGene kits with different real-time PCR instruments.
  4. Analysis of data in LC480, LC 2.0, ABI and RotorGene systems.
  5. Troubleshooting and often problems on customer site.

Wednesday - Practical part

  1. Analysis of unknown HBV samples by EliGene HBV RT kit on LC480 instrument.
  2. Analysis of predispositions to Celiac disease by isolation of DNA from buccal swabs by EliGene Urine kit and EliGene Coeliac RT28 kit on LC Nano instrument.
  3. Evaluation of results, discussion.

In case of your interest in participating on our training, please let us know which date suits you more during this week.


The training will be held in our manufacture facility in BRNO Bohunice at Campus Square and in our new building at Rokycanova 4437/5, BRNO-ZIDENICE 61500.

This training is free, accommodation is provided but is not paid.

Contact person

Ing. Radka Dolezalova
Sales & Product Specialist

E: rdolezalova@elisabeth.cz
P: +420 542 213 851