EliZyme for Real-Time PCR

EliZyme Green MIX AddROX
  • EliZyme Green MIX AddROX

EliZyme Green MIX AddROX


  • Hot-start technology inactivates the enzyme below 65 °C to prevent primer-dimer formation and non-specific amplification
  • Non-inhibiting intercalating dye
  • Very high sensitivity
  • Compatible on all Real-Time PCR platforms
  • The ROX dye is packed separately


  • DNA quantification - absolute/relative

Intercalating dye used in EliZyme Green MIX AddROX  does not inhibit PCR, unlike other well-known fluorescent dyes including SYBR® Green. EliZyme Green MIX AddROX  combines advanced enzyme, hot-start and reaction buffer technology.

EliZyme Green MIX AddROX  can be used for quantification of any DNA template including genomic, cDNA and viral sequences. Specific detection of extremely low copy number targets is achievable with high efficiency. EliZyme Green MIX AddROX  has improved reaction sensitivity and specificity through technology preventing formation of primer dimers and non-specific products.

EliZyme Green MIX AddROX is compatible on all Real-Time PCR platforms, including standard and fast cycling conditions.

Ref. No. Size Package Price ex. VAT VAT  
EZ4601 1x1ml mix + 1x150µl ROX 100 rxns € 43.60 21 % Buy
EZ4605 5x1ml mix + 1x150µl ROX 500 rxns € 198.30 21 % Buy
EZ4614 2x7ml mix + 3x150µl ROX 1400 rxns € 488.20 21 % Buy

MSDS EliZyme Green MIX AddROX-100x ROX Additive CZ

(published 07.02.2019, size 567.6 kB)

MSDS EliZyme Green MIX AddROX-2x EliZyme qPCR Mix CZ

(published 07.02.2019, size 548.2 kB)

Návod k použití EliZyme Green MIX AddROX

(published 24.01.2019, size 924.6 kB)

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