EliGene and Magneto isolation kits

Accessories of EliGene Extraction kits

  • EliGene® Soil DNA Preservation Solution

    EliGene® Soil DNA Preservation Solution preserves microbial RNA in soil samples immediately after collection, preserves gene expression profiles and information on the structure of the microbial community.

  • EliGene® Lab Cleaner A

    EliGene® Lab Cleaner A is designed for cleaning of laboratory surfaces from nucleic acids, proteins and lipids. The solution can be used for cleaning of plastic surfaces, plexiglass, table tops, glass surfaces, pipettes and metal objects. The solution does not damage the plastics.

  • EliGene® Lab Cleaner B

    EliGene® Lab Cleaner B is a granular agent with maximum efficiency for degrading nucleic acids (DNA, RNA) and DNAse / RNAse. The prepared solution can be used for cleaning plastic surfaces of instruments, plexiglas, table tops, glass surfaces, pipettes (the solution does not damage plastics).


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