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EliGene® Lab Cleaner A

Intended use

EliGene® Lab Cleaner A is designed for cleaning of laboratory surfaces from nucleic acids, proteins and lipids. The solution can be used for cleaning of plastic surfaces, plexiglass, table tops, glass surfaces, pipettes and metal objects. The solution does not damage the plastics.


The agents contained in the aqueous solution have a high affinity to nucleic acids, and allow easy removal of nucleic acids from any laboratory surfaces and of the surfaces of laboratory equipment.

We recommend this solution to use for routine cleaning of DNA labs and to eliminate nucleic acids from laboratory surfaces such as tables, glass and plastic plates and covers, control boards of instruments etc. A typical application is wiping the bench before pipetting PCR reactions. The solution is suitable for daily use to prevent contamination. In the case of contamination of laboratories by nucleic acids helps efficiently remove nucleic acids from surfaces.


Store at room temperature.

Ref. No. Package Price ex. VAT VAT  
90075-1000R 1L (spray) On request 21 %
90075-1000 1L On request 21 %
90075-200 200 ml On request 21 %

Manual EliGene Lab Cleaner A

(published 14.02.2017, size 588.4 kB)

MSDS EliGene Lab Cleaner A EN

(published 06.03.2018, size 542.2 kB)

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