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EliGene® Lab Cleaner B

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EliGene® Lab Cleaner B is a granular agent with maximum efficiency for degrading nucleic acids (DNA, RNA) and DNAse / RNAse. The prepared solution can be used for cleaning plastic surfaces of instruments, plexiglas, table tops, glass surfaces, pipettes (the solution does not damage plastics).

There are two variants of this product. The first includes also a 250 ml sprayer in the package and the second is only the granular agent that can be purchased if the first set has already already been purchased.

We guarantee the efficacy of the product only when mixing the solution of 250 ml. For this reason we recommend using our 250 ml vial and a compatible sprayer to prepare the solution.

Ref. No. Package Price ex. VAT VAT  
90076-250R for 250 ml of solution € 12.60 21 % Buy

The contents of the package: 1 x 250 ml vial with sprayer and granulated powder for solution.

90076-250 for 250 ml of solution € 10.50 21 % Buy

Granulated reagent for 250 ml of solution.

Instructions for use EliGene Lab Cleaner B

(published 04.03.2020, size 597.0 kB)

Leaflet EliGene® Lab Cleaner B

(published 25.06.2020, size 712.1 kB)

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