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ZEPHYRUS® Vacuum Manifold 96

ZEPHYRUS® Vacuum Manifold 96 is intended to be used with the vacuum protocols as directed in our EliGene® Viral FAST 96 Vacuum Isolation Kit

Manifold provides a simple yet effective way to accelerate your throughput of isolated samples per hour rapidly. In order to work with our ZEPHYRUS® Vacuum Manifold 96, it is recommended to have ZEPHYRUS® Vacuum pump for the best possible results with adjustable vacuum or to have a local source of vacuum.

The best feature of manifold is it's simplicity, as the whole manifold assembles of 4 pieces and is ready to use in manner of seconds. ZEPHYRUS® Vacuum Manifold 96 also easily fits into Biohazard boxes, which are required to be used when working with serious pathogens (e.g. SARS-CoV-2), thus no extra room is needed in order to implement vacuum system into your extraction protocol.

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