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Zephyrus Vacuum Pump Manifold System
  • Zephyrus Vacuum Pump Manifold System

ZEPHYRUS® Vacuum Pump Manifold System

The ZEPHYRUS® Vacuum Pump Manifold System, including a ZEPHYRUS® Vacuum Manifold UNI and a ZEPHYRUS® Vacuum Pump, takes vacuum instead of time-consuming centrifugation to pull samples through membrane and hence not only saving your time but also simplifying process by eliminating the repetitive works, such as dispensing solution, running and stopping centrifugation. Additionally, the manifold reduces sample handling to a minimum by allowing parallel and simultaneously processing of up to 24 mini columns, 8 midi or maxi columns, and 96-well extraction plates.

ZEPHYRUS® Vacuum Pump Manifold System can be used for both 96-well extraction plate and spin columns (by inserting luer connectors), which makes it a great tool to pair with ELIGENE® Viral RNA/DNA FAST 96 Vacuum Isolation Kit. It is especially useful for those laboratories requiring saving time and space.

Plasmid DNA, single-stranded phage DNA, RNA, genomic DNA, viral nucleic acids, DNA cleanup from
PCR and other enzymatic reactions.


  • One system meets all needs
    Coupling Manifold together with Pump yields into a complete set of vacuum purification system ready to immediate usage in your lab for high throughput extraction of nucleic acids.
  • Compact
    Easily fits into Biohazard boxes, which are required to be used when working with serious pathogens (e.g. SARS-CoV-2), thus no extra room is needed in order to implement vacuum system into your extraction protocol.
  • Quiet operation
    ZEPHYRUS® Vacuum Pump is low noise oil-free pump with adjustable vacuum and no air pollution.
  • Extraction made simple
    ZEPHYRUS® Vacuum Manifold UNI is designed to replace traditional centrifuges with vacuum source to simplify purification process of all kinds of nucleic acids. 
  • Multi-use
    Uniquely designed column adapter board and luer connector make ZEPHYRUS® Vacuum Manifold UNI highly compatible with various kinds of spin columns and 96-well microplate.

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