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EliGene® Gel DNA MiniPrep


  • Rapid isolation in less than 20 minutes
  • High quality isolated DNA
  • All reagents are ready to use

The EliGene® Gel DNA MiniPrep is designed to isolate DNA fragments (80 bp to 10 kbp) from standard or low-melting agarose gel. Depending on DNA fragment size up to 90 % recovery is achieved when DNA can be eluted in volume of 30 to 50 µl. EliGene® Gel DNA MiniPrep uses silica spin columns to provide high concentration and quality of DNA isolated from agarose gel slices. DNA isolated with EliGene® Gel DNA MiniPrep is immediately ready for use. The entire procedure can be completed in less than 20 minutes, depending on the number of samples processed. All reagents are ready for use and EliGene® Gel DNA MiniPrep includes all consumables. The buffers provide have been optimized, and do not require monitoring of pH.

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EliGene® Gel DNA MiniPrep 417050 50 isolations € 213.20 21 % Buy
EliDNA Agarose Band Cutter ED900-50 50 pcs € 37.20 21 % Buy

A simple disposable tool for agarose gel cutting.

EliDNA Agarose Band Cutter ED900-S 5 pcs € 3.70 21 % Buy


Instructions for use EliDNA Agarose Band Cutter

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Instructions for use EliGene Gel DNA MiniPrep

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Leaflet EliGene Gel DNA MiniPrep EN

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