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EliGene® Blood DNA Isolation Kit


  • Rapid process of DNA isolation from whole blood or buffy coat in less than 20 minutes
  • Isolated DNA of high quality suitable for any downstream application (PCR, qPCR, restriction digest)
  • Complete package - all required components included in the kit

EliGene® Blood DNA Isolation kit is intended for rapid isolation of genomic and mitochondrial DNA from whole blood (fresh, frozen or stored at 4°C) and buffy coat. In the presence of detergent and Proteinase K, cells are lysed and proteins denatured. In the presence of chaotropic agent DNA is bound to the spin filter, washed and eluted in TRIS-HCl buffer without EDTA. DNA is ready to use in PCR, qPCR and sequencing.

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Instructions for use EliGene Blood DNA Isolation Kit

(published 23.01.2018, size 1.1 MB)

Leaflet EliGene Blood DNA Isolation Kit EN

(published 18.07.2018, size 780.3 kB)

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