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EliGene® Plasmid DNA MiniPrep


  • Rapid isolation in less than 35 minutes
  • Fast, simple and cost-effective isolation
  • All reagents are ready to use

The EliGene® Plasmid DNA Isolation Kit provides a fast, simple and cost-effective plasmid miniprep method for routine molecular biology laboratory applications. EliGene® Plasmid DNA Isolation Kit uses silicate membrane technology to remove cumbersome preparation steps and provides high extracted plasmid concentrations and quality. Plasmid DNA isolated with EliGene® Plasmid DNA Isolation Kit is immediately ready for use. The entire procedure can be completed in 35 minutes or less, depending on the number of samples processed. All reagents are ready for use and EliGene® Plasmid DNA Isolation Kit includes all consumables.

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Instructions for use EliGene Plasmid DNA MiniPrep

(published 20.06.2019, size 1,014.4 kB)

Leaflet EliGene Plasmid DNA MiniPrep EN

(published 19.06.2019, size 213.6 kB)

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